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  1. You’d think by now his friends could invent a keyboard that could withstand his strength… He must spend a fortune on keyboards alone during tax season.

  2. Slow down or build a durable one…. i wonder how much he goes through a year?

  3. Good thing Staples has a “6 per day” computer-and-accessories recycling program for its customers…and that they’re a nationwide chain, if I recall correctly…so they’ll never know just how many stores Marc is using for dropping off those poor, broken keyboards…

    (I have typed so long and so hard on some of my keyboards, that I have literally worn holes in the Shift keys.)

  4. I think he can never use a Laptop, because of this.

  5. Oh now I get it.

    It’s tax season.

  6. I love the sense of movement shown in panels one and two. It’s hard to believe they are still pictures.

  7. I see. Mark needs his day job to help pay for his keyboard habit.

  8. Military grade, Mark; military grade.

  9. I would be surprised if he could actually type at the implied speed. The mechanical spring in a real keyboard isn’t really that fast. And there’s probably code inside the keyboard so that transient contacts between the key and the circuit board do not generate “false” keystrokes. IOW, there’s probably some minimum amount of time that a key must be down in order to generate a key stroke.

    I would think he would need a specialized keyboard, perhaps given to him by his friend Paul.

  10. You would think that in the Superhero community there was someone who could design and manufacture a more durable keyboard and a processor that could read at the speeds needed..

  11. Fft. I love how he’s “just Mark” for doing the nastiest work of the tax season, though. XD

  12. Completely get where you’re coming from, jmucchiello. I often type faster than my cordless keyboard and I don’t have super speeds.

  13. My Doctor has a dictaphone deal built into his computer. Can Mark speak at superspeed, and can the right computer keep up with him?

    He ought to pop over to the pre-Crisis DC Universe and ask Superman for the specs for his supercomp…

  14. It is probably cheaper to just buy a bunch of the cheapest keyboards than to buy a few of the heavy-duty “rugged” ones.

  15. Reminded of Star Gate SG-1 where a super-speed Carter had to sit and wait for the computer’s bag log memory to catch up with her typing speed. Sitting there watching it catch up so she could continue…always found it odd as my computer would always just freeze if I typed too fast and stop typing till I clicked the mouse back in the section…granted it wasn’t a government secret installation computer but still.

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