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  1. I am a little confused by the father’s response to Mark’s question.

    At first, the fact that the father said something factual and obvious about the movie that is true of almost all movies instead of giving his opinion on it made me think that he disliked the movie and was stating something neutral and factual to avoid giving a negative opinion.

    Then, I suspected that maybe he was implying that he had not SEEN the movie, and so he would be able to see it once it is out on DVD, so then I pondered that perhaps he had been deprived of sleep because of Tina, and so he had just slept through the entire movie.

    Then, I noticed an expression that seems like a wink in the last panel. That makes me think that perhaps he and Olivia did not even go to a movie. Perhaps they found a hotel, instead.

    Who cares what picture you see
    When snugglin’ with your baby
    Last row in the balcony

  3. That tie was definitely removed, then redone in haste.

  4. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

  5. Anthony’s final summation would indeed be correct. A number of new parents (the smart ones–and not so new ones who wised up) sometimes arrange a “movie night” babysitter to watch the kids…while they use ‘movie night’ as an euphemism for “rent a hotel room to have a few hours alone together with zero childus interruptus possibilities.”

    This is actually pretty darn smart, because it helps preserve the romance in their marriage, rather than letting it wither and possibly die under the weight of ‘must tend the baby/babies all the time!!” I was called into babysit a few times for just this purpose, letting the parents play hooky and have fun with no worries. It’s perfectly fine perfectly legal, and perfectly good for their marriage & needs, so I say, go for it!

    …And I suspect Mark ‘overheard’ a portion of their pretend movie-date (he surely overhears a LOT of things people people never eavesdrop upon, *ahem*), and that’s why he phrased things the way he did, with subtle emphasis on “movie” as if it were a code word for something else. …Oh, hey, look, it is!

  6. @Anthony: The last one. Defintely the last one. My mother used to say “Children are funny, they are just missing the off-button”.

  7. Ewwww! Adults sucking face in the movie theatre.

  8. @Town Crier: I think the wink meant that they were doing more than sucking face and weren’t anywhere near a movie theater… and that Tina might possibly have a sibling somewhere around nine (in comic) months from now.

  9. the “Moive” will be “Out on the DVD” eventually. Hmm…
    Nahhh no way.
    Very well done page btw =)

  10. Please tell me Tina’s not going to be having a little brother or sister in nine months. And not just for her sake…

  11. @Ladyofthemasque
    Or he was able to observe their tussled hair and his askew shirts/tie. Looks like there’s a new hero gunning to be the World’s Greatest Detective!

  12. EllenNatalie: people tend to forget that Superman is just as smart as Batman, and that while they may have different crimefighting skillsets, Supes DID earn his Pulitzer for investigative journalism. (I always thought it’d be fun to have League members substitute for Bats for a day…Elongated Man alone was a pretty good detective himself (I miss him and Sue..)

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