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  1. *sighhh* Scottish superheroes. We will never see Scottish superheroes. Superheroes from Scotland, oh yes, but not clad in a kilt. Whether it’s flying faster than a plane or leaping taller than a skyscraper…a properly worn (i.e. regimental, sans undies) kilt is just not publically acceptable under those particular working conditions…

  2. Scotsmen, violating the Comics Code since before there was one.

  3. No, Mark. Your point doesn’t stand, it floats.

  4. Oh, I don’t know…a kilted superhero might be a nice change for the ladies. After all, consider the mileage Power Girl has gotten by wearing a cleavage-baring top designed against wardrobe malfunctions…

    Mind you, he might be shy in the winter.

  5. :Scottish Burr: Do ye know, laddie, why ’tis called a “Kilt”?! Guess what happened to the last person what called it a “Skirt”!

  6. For his sake, I hope Mark’s magnetic resonance vision on the blink when he did kilt-boy’s taxes…;)

  7. By that definition of “organized”…I am not very organized. 🙁

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