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  1. different kinds of people have obsessions for different movies or genres. For scifi geeks its Tron (Classic and Legacy), Star Wars, Star Trek; For Role Playing nerds Big Trouble in Little China, Indiana Jones and just about anything in the Fantasy Genre is worthwhile to some degree; Romantics seem to an obsession with just about any Romantic comedy. Despite all that I’m with Mark on this one as why anyone would consider Titanic a obsession worthy. The acting was sub par, the plot was next to none existent and on top of that it the nautical disaster it is now associated with was completely skipped over because someone didn’t bother to do any sort of historical research on that ship beyond the obvious fact that in its day it was luxury liner and date it sank. Sorry for going on a rant like that, but I tend to nitpick stuff like that especially since I’m a bit of a history geek

  2. Man, I have to say that I really LIKE his costume design minus cape and mask. It’s somehow more… confident, more prevailant. Less night stalkerish and more night protectorish. More valiant. It’s nice, man!

  3. Titanic: the guy dies because his girlfriend can’t share a board.
    Never did strike me as particularly romantic.
    But American romances like to kill one partner off.

  4. @Jim
    He looks like he’s wearing some sort of bathrobe, which now that I think about, is entirely in character for his billionaire playboy character.

  5. “Bathrobe”? He put his cape in a locker. The rest resembles, uh, spandex.

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