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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. FYI: The link for “Read previous installments” takes the reader back to the first page.

  2. Oarboar, it’s not a trap!
    (it’s a feature – new readers are sent to start the comic from the beginning.)
    On that Front Page, what works nicely for returning readers is to click the comic itself.
    That brings you to the current page, from whence navigation is pretty standard.
    It confused me a bit too, until I realized the Front Page (although it displays the current comic), is not the current page.

  3. aside from panel 1, the faces look ‘off’ here, I can’t place it.

  4. That was my fault when I added the new button. It’s been fixed. “Read previous installments” should take people to the WordPress site that hosts all the Love and Capes strips. (If I could figure out a way to have a dynamic link that takes you back to the current minus one strip, I’d do that, but that’s beyond me apparently.) “Start at the beginning” takes you to strip #1.

  5. The problem with power is that people expect you to use it. Their way. So what kind of crap power is that??

    Glad to see the glitchiness is cleared up. Nice to know I’m not the only person with a(n at best) brown thumb when it comes to computers…

  6. Hey, in panel 3 Jason is missing his goatee.

  7. Jason is missing his goatee

    It’s one of the more obscure superpowers.

  8. Oh, no…does this mean the goateed Jason we know is from the mirror universe?? (I’m also thinking of that episode with the guy from “Here Come the Brides”…)

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