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  1. Billionaire Paul Lacroix was found murdered today. Witnesses report seeing a blond woman with him moments before his death.

  2. and thus the lies begin! yes the call was real but it wasn’t for a real emergency thus paul will be murdered if she finds out.

  3. Isn’t Paul Lacroix’s middle name Machavelli?

  4. Uh-oh.

  5. Paul Lacroix missing, whereabouts unknown!

    Scene, bank basement, Paul is tied to a chair, buckets of water cascading down on him.
    “Mark, are you SURE your wife isn’t a supervillain?”

  6. Spoiler alert?

  7. I love how he avoids answering the question by just saying it would be crazy of Paul to do so XD

  8. If Abby ever finds out the truth she may not kill Paul…but he and Zoe will have to adopt.

  9. Not crazy.
    ‘Machiavellian’ basically just means “manipulative” with evil overlord vibes.
    So, yeah, that’s Paul all over. Or most people, really.
    Paul is just better than everyone else. He even knew he could count on Mark to cover for him…

  10. Nice dodge, Mark.

  11. I called it. what she would do if she found out.

  12. Walking a fine line there Mark. A very fine line.

  13. Not a comment: “J. Alan” McDougall is in fact moi, K. Alan. A typo, yes, but I still wanted to clear it up.

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