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  1. Books… what are those again?

  2. This guy is a producer. I theorize he will have no problems in the film industry if he can get his foot in the door.

  3. There is a punch clock, but she has only one employee?
    Also, who is watching the store?


  4. Yes, it’s a punch clock. Abby has to punch SOMETHING.

  5. I thought the bad news was going to more along the lines of “Shouldn’t I be deserving a raise for all this work?”

  6. Okay, still have about two years and a few months left to go through the archives, but until I see the character/proof to the contrary as I continue along…my foreshadowing sense keeps telling me this guy is “Evil Brain”.

  7. Don’t forget coffee! You used to sell books AND coffee, Abby!

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