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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Which means this is a job, for an ACCOUNTANT!

  2. Well said, Plum. So it’s still Mark to the rescue anyway.

  3. Well it’s a good thing she married one… and I just started wondering their kids are going to be like.

  4. Accountant powers activate!

  5. Money sense… tingling…

  6. Plese sir, can I have some more? Updates I mean.

  7. Updates??

  8. I was wondering about the lack of updates, too. Is the comic switching to print only and we were just not observant? Or is it just a holiday break without the guest comics? Maybe we should bug him on twitter or something.

  9. Sorry, right now I am BURIED in getting issue #6 of the latest edition of the print series done and to IDW so it can be printed. I used up my cache of strips and I can’t convert a new batch right now.

    So, it’ll return next week and all next week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…) will be new to make up for the delay. Then it’ll be back to the MWF schedule.

    Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!

  10. I adore this comic. I can wait for more. I appreciate you letting us know Thom!


  11. … does anyone else find it odd that a comic artist hasn’t bothered to make an avatar?

  12. He’s a busy guy. The avatar might not be his most pressing concern.

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