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  1. That was mean, Abby. You used to have superpowers. You know Mark can’t tune out the sounds of crying babies now that you sensitized him.

  2. If you use breast pumps and/or formula, the man can do just fine taking care of the baby at night.

  3. …Just don’t use Formula X, or you’ll end up with a PowerPuff Girl…

  4. Strange, I interpreted the sound as being a siren (aka emergency) for which he’ll have to get up, not a baby crying.

  5. I’m with MC. The joke is that Mark will be awakened by sounds other than the baby’s crying.

  6. There are ways of combatting snoring now. None of which, I’m happy to say, have to do with removing the offending party’s nose…

    (I should talk; a former neighbor called my snoring “manly.” THIN WALLS, YOU PERVS!!!)

  7. Actually the cry is the color and type used with little Tina.
    I guess they live close enough and his hearing is tuned to her.

  8. Ladyofthemasque: Don’t use Formula Y, or you’ll have a Rob Liefeld character (yeah, yeah, I’m reaching, I know)

    “Youngblood” reference. Sheesh!

  9. Who says he can’t get up with her and massage her feet while she’s nursing?

    The getting woken during the night isn’t so bad. It’s when the husband is gone all day after you’ve been up all night and now have to be up during the day with the baby (or going back to work) is when the sweet wife turns evil and starts developing chronic headaches and such. Remember Mark: A happy life starts with a happy wife.

  10. Vergie: –or remaining a carefree bachelor. (KIDDING!)

  11. K.Alan: Too Late for that option. /evil laugh/

  12. I made up my mind that since I couldn’t do the nursing, I would assume the responsibility to get up with the baby when it was a diaper issue and to bring the baby to mom when it was a food issue (so that she could stay right there in bed instead of having to get up) and take the baby back to the crib when nursing was done. It may not be an equal distribution of labor, but I recommend it to any husband who is able. It worked out well for us and the wife was appreciative that I was doing what I could. And yeah – when we had to switch to bottle feeding I got up to do that too – but by then the babies (we had several kids over the years – but no twins) usually were sleeping through the night anyway, so it was mostly just getting up for diaper duty.

  13. Fugacity: D’awww.

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