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  1. Are you deaf Abby?????

  2. Nothing says romance, hopes and dreams like ……..algae?

  3. Abby, just do it. you don’t want to hear Sura’s “Do it now” voice. R.J.C am I right in guessing you had a DI flashback? I’m reminded of an aunt i have.

  4. Abby actually thanked Amazonia! I would love to get my hopes up that this means no more insecurity, petty jealousy, and misdirected anger, but I have gotten those hopes up before, so I will just enjoy that Abby’s not being evil for the immediate moment.

  5. @Anthony, Okay we are definitely interpreting this comic differently.

  6. yeah, Anthony up there has absolutely ZERO ability to read subtext or social cues, Grace 😛

    (as well as a very suspicious ability to be absent from any comic pages where Amazonia outright admits she isn’t being nice)

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