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  1. “Seeking help for bookstore. Must have cashier experience. Low Sense-Motive modifier a plus.”

  2. Gahhh!
    I swear…
    When I saw the relatively obscure motion picture “Monkey Hustle”‘s sequence with
    the low-tier conartist/thief putting a stolen clock radio in his stolen goods warehouse,
    I wondered… Why does that box look empty? How is it possible for that box to look
    empty?? OK, here, the size and guy holding it makes it look empty (despite it probably
    being full of very heavy books) but… If I could only speak to those actors…!

  3. Mark must have been seriously preoccupied with something else if he didn’t hear Abby talking with Jason.

    and just a typo-check – Mark is the fiance, Abby the fiancee. (Like the name Rene / Renee – ‘e’ is the masculine, ‘ee’ the feminine – just think “Squeeeeeeeee!” for ‘she’ 😉 )

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