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  1. Oh, thank you, high school French.

  2. Panel one: “C’est tellement bon de te revoir” is more natural. But, if it stays ‘as is,’ You might want to change a to de.
    Panel two: “Ne me touche pas” is what she meant. Touché is past tense; you would never say “do not touched me,” would you? And the man would not say “je suis desolee.” A woman would say “je suis desolée,” and a man would say ‘je suis desolé.”

    Why am I being a snob and correcting your French? Because a bilingual bonus is so much more rewarding if it’s written well.

  3. What k.alan said, word for word. XD

    The perfect end to an otherwise lame night. Thank you very much, good sir. ^.^

  4. And Google translate for those of us in Spanish.

  5. Even then, it’s very buggy French: missing accents (très, à) and the grammar in the first one feels…off. I’d recast the sentence entirely (I could be entirely wrong, I haven’t been in a French class in over a decade). Plus, the tutoyer (usage of “tu,” the familiar form, instead of “vous,” the respectful one) is something I’d question, since it seems to be coming from a fan. In the final panel, it should be “Ne me touche pas” without the accent on the e because she’s giving a command, not speaking in past tense. And the thug is using the feminine form of “sorry”–it should have only one e, and that one should have the accent off touche. 🙂

    /picky French student

  6. As a french, i can tell you it’s
    “Cela fait plaisir de te voir Amazonia!” (it’s the equivalent of “it’s great to see you”)
    “Merci” (We use “Merci bien” like, when we buy something, not for a compliment. It’s a bit tricky)
    “Ne me touche pas, crétin” (Marce was right about the accent)
    “Mon dieu. Je suis vraiment désolé.” (he do use the feminine form if you write it with two e at the end)

  7. But in the last one, you may want to get rid of “Mon dieu” and stick to only “Je suis vraiment désolé.” .
    It would feel more natural.

  8. There is literally errors in every french bit (I’m French Canadian)

    in the first panel, this is a direct translation from English (It is really good to see you, Amazonia)
    A proper way of saying this in french would be : C’est bon de vous voir, Amazonia!

    4th panel should read: “Ne me touchez pas, crétin” and then: “Mon dieu, je suis vraiment désolé

    the extra e in désolé only applies if the speaker is a woman or speaking of a woman….

  9. Ehehe, Amazonia is fun. 😀

    Here is your unasked-for French advice from a native speaker!

    Marce is correct!

    I would like to add that “bien” tends to be used for “fair” or “correct”; in that sentence, “très bon” would feel more natural.

    You say “c’est très bon DE te voir”, à is incorrect here.

    Imperative: “ne me touche pas” if she’s informal, “ne me touchez pas” if she’s more polite, though I doubt it.
    And it’s crétin with an é.

    There, I think that’s all. XD

  10. “C’est super de vous voir, Amazonia!” (switch “à” with “de” & use “vous” as Marce said)

    Should also be “crétin” with an accent, so as Marce said: “Ne me touche pas, crétin.”
    “Mon dieu, je suis vraiment désolé …” (as Marce suggested, but make sure you add the second accent on “désolé” too).

    – a French fan who could not even hope to do the awesome things you draw and hopes to be of help with the French text

  11. Could anybody translate those for us who do not speak French and don’t want to try to type this down into google transalte?

  12. @ Christopher

    “Do not touch me, cretin.”
    “My god. I am really sorry.”

    (But like Marce said, the French man’s line actually should have been “Mon dieu. Je suis variment désolé.”)

  13. Oh no! A free comic is not living up to people’s standards of written French! Whatever shall we do?

  14. As someone who speaks pretty much no French (I can tell people I don’t speak French), thank you for the translations and corrections. You learn something new every day that you let yourself.

  15. Ah, ze language of Le Pew; back in junior high I was doing fairly well in French…until someone swiped my notebook. My late grandmother could speak the language (she was Belgian, albeit of the Flemish persuasion, but she used to keep a diary en francais regarding her early days as an immigrant); pity I didn’t see her often enough to somehow catch up. C’est la vie.

    I was looking at one of Thom’s blogs; a “Darkblade and Amazonia” strip already exists: it’s Love and Capes! Now that Mark and Abby have the baby, let them go on the backburner for a while, let Paul and Zoe (and maybe a new supercouple archetype…perhaps Blurstreak and his version of Iris West?) take centre stage. Just a thought.

  16. It’s pointless suggesting amendments for Zahler’s French because the comic has been published in print form for a couple of years already.

  17. To be fair, there’s been plenty of English errors throughout the comic. Why break the tradition just cause it’s a different language?

  18. David: if he has the time, he could always fix it for here online, and then any reprints of the trades.

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