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  1. LOVE this!

  2. That’s how I came to stop reading ‘Big Two’ comics; crossovers more and more frequently forcing me to buy many different books in one month to follow one story, with a guarantee that at least a few would be written and/or drawn by people whose work I hated.

  3. Now i need to watch Day of the doctor again,to see if i can spot the crusader

  4. If the Doctor gets bit would become a zombie or regenerate? Bowties are cool.

  5. The zombie would probable become the doctor

  6. Be happy you guys were not affected by the Crossover Wars. Or the Crossoverlord thing. Or by Crossover kill.

    At least I think they weren’t.

  7. I dunno…seems you’re hinting that, when you restart the series, it’s gonna be the mother of all “Crisis on Infinite Earths” pastiches.

    Well, that’s what I”M hinting…;)

    ‘Sides, won’t it be interesting if the next time the boys running into the “British guy with a fez,” he will have regenerated into…Mr. Peabody (oh, come on…nonhuman time traveller with a spunky red-haired companion?)?

  8. If you do depict vampires, please don’t make the sparkly kind. The original vampire myths described them as zombies on a liquid diet; Lord Byron (via Dr. Polidori) was the one who started the upward/downward trend towards Dracula and Team Edward.

  9. Make THEM the sparkly kind. –I hate commenting on the run…

  10. *rimshot*

  11. Am I the only person who is not seeing a comic at all? I don’t mind new layouts, but I prefer that new layouts actually allow me to see the comic.

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