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  1. Ouch.

    That is cold.

    As someone who went through a long period of unemployment I can tell you, comments like that hurt a lot. Poor Charlott must feel like tar right now.

  2. You never know. Technically, she could be on a leave of absence from the book store, and still officially be an employee of Abby.

  3. still officially be an employee of Abby

    That was definitely my interpretation of the line.

  4. I dunno; perhaps Charlotte could talk Zoe into letting her do a study of Leandian art (whatever the hell that’s like)? Worst thing that could happen is that she publishes a coffee table book (the type that lots of people buy but don’t actually bother to read). As for the PA job…given their (different) relationships with Paul, probably not the best idea. Remember how long it’s taken Zoe to make friends with Abby (“We’re FRIENDS??*sputter*”)…

  5. It just occurred to me that I haven’t thought about Amazonia’s new look yet. Kind of looking forward to seeing what they get for her.

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