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  1. I’m reminded of a great Image comic name ‘Indestructible’ here… loved it, and got a great laugh out of the ‘going for a ride’ gag. nice to see it somewhere else, and just as embarrassing .

  2. This is HILARIOUS, and I have a new favorite page!

  3. I think the comic you’re thinking of is called “Invincible.” When someone gets carried like that in the comic, they always say, “This is so gay.” Because of that, Invincible has started carrying people by dangling them from their armpits. That elicits “This is so uncomfortable.”

  4. Batman would have had a spare jet or whirly-bat (remember them?) available. Besides, visitors to the Fortress of Solitude (back in those halcyon days when a giant key wasn’t the worst Silver Age excess) had it worse (they were swaddled in Superman’s cape).

    All the same, someone has to get this on Facebook, it’s priceless (and I need to share/keep a copy of it…;) )

  5. hypnofetish: I was also reminded of Invincible when I saw this. They’d have him carry a guy and either him or the guy he was carrying would say “This is so gay.”

  6. Once saw a fan illustration of Batman kneel/crouching on Superman’s back. It looked pretty cool.

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