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  1. Or anything with more then half the skin coverage of this piece, for that mater.

  2. Actually, she did wear that basketball jersey and t-shirt, which looks to cover more of her collar than that dress. So I wouldn’t quite say “never” worn anything with a collar before.

  3. Lose the crown / tiara / headpiece, girl.

  4. uuuuugh, just no. It looks like she’s wearing a burlap sack. Maybe some accessories will break up the monotony. Or something in another colour; she ought to stick to lighter tones to bring out her hair and eyes.

  5. It definitely needs a belt; either a simple silver band or a wrap of some sort, or perhaps a black belt with a silver buckle. If she is going to wear her crown/tiara, then the belt should probably tie in with it somehow.

  6. I love how we’re talking accessories in what could fairly accurately be described as a superhero comic.

  7. Imagine if NO ONE will realise that this good looking woman is actually a Superhero simply because they can now focus on her face. Like “Oh hey these breasts look familiar – It’s Amazonia!” And now it’s all “Wow i never seen her before, what’s with that tiara?”

  8. I can’t believe I’m in this discussion, but yeah…
    Park the tiara and wear a belt to emphasize that tiny waist- and she’s as much in disguise as a 6’6″ Amazon probably gets. Better go with mary jane flats, just saying.

  9. Yeah, the tiara IS a dead giveaway. Perhaps Diana Prince-type glasses and a ponytail? (Hey, it worked for Lynda Carter after WW moved to CBS…)

  10. I’m thinking a silver lame belt, yes, I know it’s very eighties, but she could pull it off, or a silver chain link belt. Once again, a little retro, but she could work it. Barring that, something like a wrap around her waist, to break up the monotony and emphasize her tiny waist and beautiful hips.

    Okay, just read over that statement, and realized why all my friends think I’m gay and in the closet.

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