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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Thom, I am completely addicted to L&C now. Keep up the FANTASTIC work. 🙂

  2. Amazonia’s mother: Greatest psychiatrist ever.

  3. I’m glad to hear it. Thanks!

  4. Gotta love the mom who always knows the right thing to say… to someone else.

  5. Wonderful comic. Fantastic work, and a question for you Thom. Do you play DC Online or Champions online? Just wondering if we’d see Crusader et all wandering around.

  6. “…Historically, many women in our family have remained unwed. Oh, by the way, would this be an awkward time to mention you’re adopted?”

  7. “Let me finish, mine child. Historically, many women in our family remain unwed, but not unloved. No matter what, you have the love of your mother, your sisters, and your people. Now, stop slouching, it’s unbecoming for a princess.” Love the comic, btw. I’m addicted.

  8. Still love the mother. ^^

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