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  1. Wow. Vulnerable, needing-but-not-needy Zoe? As for Paul…let’s hope he’s picked up some pointers from Mark…

  2. Curious: Why wasn’t Zoe invited to the Undead Incursion? Was it a boys only event?

    Surely she must have dealt with similar situations when she was with Mark, so there must be more to the situation.

  3. Murf, If the undead incursion acted like most cross over events different heroes had different settings or aspects of the threat to deal with (villains cross over too),
    So while Mark and Paul were defending chronopolis and working to discover who the master necromancer is Zoe might have been in Amazonia defending it from an oppertunistic God of Death or something. She probably just finished her job first. Also she didn’t stop to chit chat on the way back.

  4. I’m going to throw out a completely out-of-the-blue guess here. What if Paul cannot stop being Darkblade because, like Mark, if someone is in danger he needs to help them. But he might give up being the playboy businessman. If he’s already rich enough to support his crime fighting activities for the rest of his life (his airblades aren’t cheap!), he could walk away from managing all the business concerns.

    Zoe asked Mark to give his civilian identity, and that broke them up because he wasn’t willing to give up that part of himself. So wouldn’t it be something if Paul himself suggests giving up his civilian activities (if not the whole identity, but maybe that too?), and does it so that he and Zoe can stay together.

    Neither Mark nor Paul would be wrong for their different stances. Something to make you think.

  5. Correction to the above, “Zoe asked Mark to give UP his civilian identity…”

  6. For Paul, being Darkblade is a part of what he is, what made him a better person instead of the obnoxious trust fund kid he would have been otherwise. Mark was conferred his powers (presumably), but they did not change the decent man he always was. Zoe mistakenly assumed superheroing was Mark’s raison d’etre, which is indeed truer in Paul’s case.

    Paul’s being shorter than her was also attractive to her (I think I noted awhile back that she may have been terribly “ordinary” by her family’s standards; she might still be a little insecure about how she’s not in the LNCU…which would explain her supposed “superiority complex” early on).

  7. As for not being called on to help fight zombies: she’s allergic?

  8. Paul knew she was busy packing for this trip.

  9. AlpineBob: don’t give me straight lines…

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