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  1. What Amazonia needs is a good heart-to-heart with Charlotte. Or maybe Abbey’s mom.

  2. wow…
    she’s taking this personally

  3. What Amazonia doesn’t realise is that when Lois I mean, Abby dies, chances are Clark and Wonder Woman Mark and Amazonia will still be alive. And can get together then.

    …I think I’m getting my comic Universes mixed up.

  4. The difference between Amazonia and Wonder Woman is that Diana encourages Kal-El to be both Superman and Clark and that Amazonia asked Crusader to give up his life as Mark. Wonder Woman understands that without Clark Superman becomes inhuman and cold. Whereas Amazonia either doesn’t understand this, or worse doesn’t care.

  5. Aw, poor Amazonia. She’s putting up with a lot right now. Abby better have a great present in store.

  6. Mum just gave her personal approval and a toast to her EXs’ bride and soon to be wife…. that has got to burn, atomically.

  7. Ouch. Is it just me, or is the Queen Mother a bit of a…, rhymes with witch?

  8. 1) The Queen mother is acknowledging Mark’s happiness and his prerogative, and gracefully. Please, J’, show a little maturity. (If anything, Amazonia merely needs a little more time to deal with her responses.)
    2) It seems likely that Amazonia wanted Mark to give up his civilian persona (as “Mark”) so that they could “live like gods” together. Amazonia may enjoy living large, as many people do, and she might not find any need for a low-profile identity. However, this wasn’t suitable to Mark and would have detracted from his own sense of humanity. It seems that both are right, and both are different.

  9. I feel for Amazonia. It can be tough watching someone about whom you care deeply go off with someone else. I hope she can avoid turning into bitterness.

  10. Panel 2: Is…that guy wearing a mono-Oh my god, YES! He’s wearing a monocle! Monocles are awesome! 😀

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