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  1. I would also prefer to have my molecules torn apart, transmitted halfway around the planet and then reassembled in what is hopefully the right order, than to have to go through the rigors of air travel.

  2. Ditto Alden.

    PS – And the cost.

  3. In the webcomic “Red Space Blues.” One of the Characters gets into a teleporter. When the porter says “teleport finished,” he says “What? but I’m still here.” Then he explodes. The rest of the characters decide to take the shuttle.

  4. I bet something goes wrong during this transport and they end up switching bodies or something.

  5. @Alden: There is more then one way to Teleport. Some of them involve folding space isntead of Materialsiation/Dematerialisation.

    On a side note those two random people passing by in Panel 1 look a lot like Mark and Abby. Are thier Futures selves making a Time Travel to this timeline? Are those thier children making a visit to Past Paris?

  6. I agree, Christopher, they do look like Mark & Abby. I think that may be their future selves going on their past first date.

  7. @Bart and Christopher
    The woman’s nose/lip shapes are wrong for Abby, and the blonde of her hair is much different. And the guy’s nose/chin is nothing like Marks. I think they are just regular bystanders there to make the scene a little more believable/ its fun to draw new people every once and a while.

  8. Nah, the guy is smoking. Mark would never do that. ‘Course, he’s probably the only guy on the planet that won’t get cancer from it, just dragon breath….

  9. Two solutions for Charlotte: start dating Blurstreak (the next best thing to teleportation if your perm can handle it) or romance the guy who builds those devices. Yeah, tawdry, but eh….

  10. But if you have to take me apart to get there, than I don’t want to go.

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