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  1. Hm…what would happen if, for some reason, they found themselves running into each other’s businesses?

    I think we can rule out bodyswitching; that’s the sort of thing that makes fictional characters come to life and smack you upside the head.

  2. Another thing for Abby and Zoe to bond over. I love how the characters are growing. After they got drunk together and Abby accidentally invited Zoe to her wedding, she said that she understood Amazonia better, but they would never be friends. It looks like Abby was wrong about that, which is nice. Once Zoe dealt with her jealousy, she’s a good person. She has some issues with feeling superior to “ordinary” people, but it looks like she may be getting past that too. Abby having greater superpowers than hers for awhile may have helped with that.

  3. It’s just nice that while Zoe IS superior in some respects (primarily the gravity-defying physique, of course as well as the flying and resistance to, ah, the cold), she’s finally learning that there are many different kinds of “strength”, some of them subtler than others but just as important. Abby has those strengths by the bushel.

    The two ladies are developing a definite whatever you call the female equivalent of a “bromance.” It’ll be very entertaining to watch when they finally realize that…

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