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  1. can you?

  2. Better question… Would you?

  3. yea… fire the old lady who knows all your secrets, that’s hardly BRILLIANT is it…

  4. Good luck in trying to find a replacement who will not only deal with your dual personas, your celebrity live-in girlfriend, *and* keep all your secrets. I agree with Cedrick, hardly a brilliant move. Good thing both of them know he’s only joking.

  5. That is what you think, Dark Blade. That is what you think.

  6. I very much hope she is being sarcastic. Because… eww. 🙂


  7. I’m with Christopher. You keep telling yourself that, Paul, if it makes you feel better.

  8. I’m pretty sure that if he tried, she’d tell his Dad, and he’d be grounded for a year. For any that argue that he’s an adult, I submit that he dresses up in tights and beats people up for a hobby.

  9. She cooks for you, don’t bit the hand that feeds you. Batman would never talk to Alfred like that.

  10. I seem to recall Alfred being very smoothly sarcastic, actually.

  11. Paul, you’re the world’s greatest detective. Try blackmail (she has to have SOMETHING on her…right? 😉 )

  12. BTW, boys and girls, I have a letter printed in the December issue of Fortean Times. It could blow the lid off a scandal regarding a certain “sailor man”…:)

  13. …a scandal regarding a certain “sailor man”, you say?

    Either it’s Popeye…
    …or else it’s “Sailor Bacon”…
    …I could see this going either way.

  14. DMC_Run: Yeah, it’s Popeye. Can’t says no more…

  15. @EvilB… actually several interpretations have dialed up the ‘snark’ between Bruce and Alfred to show that deep (very deep) under the Cowl, Batman does have a sense of Humor…

  16. Kevin Conroy’s Batman certainly had a sense of humour; remember that scene where Big Barda reveals her arsenal (shut up) in the “Superman/Batman: Apocolypse” DVD-movie?

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