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  1. Ambrosia!? As in the “food of the gods” As in “Greek myth states that it can grant youth, beauty, and immortality” ambrosia?

  2. #500! 😀

  3. HWalsh, not quite. Ambrosia is a solid food in Greek mythology. here they are drinking it.

  4. What happened to the strip where Mark explains why he has to leave?

  5. Sorry about that. You’re right, it was skipped. Here’s the link:
    And I’ve put it in the right position for anyone so no one will have that problem again.

  6. Oh snap. Alien superhero ambrosia seems like a ‘no-no’ for humans. But hey, I like Amazonia. Let’s see how this goes..

  7. Ambrosia shows up in a number of different forms and interpretations throughout mythology (and pop culture). My personal favorite was always in White Wolf’s Exalted setting, where Ambrosia is both the food/drink/life-sustaining-equivalent and money of the gods and it was made from solidified prayers that formed naturally in heaven. Honestly the best part of all of it is that in monetary form its foil wrapped golden coins embossed with the seal of God of the Sun. That’s right; Ambrosia/god money is chocolate coins. That and those new to heaven often have to be warned off of eating their allowance, which is just awesome.

  8. Please let this be a bonding moment where Zoe feels better about the situation and Abby stops being so jealous and mean-spirited about Zoe. Oh, please, oh, please.

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