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  1. She’s quite the master of persuasion. Look at that sinister seductive face! It’s like the Crusader’s kryptonite!

  2. That was a nice one.

    I am the TippyToe Zombie
    I like to Limbo
    Often I fall on people’s heads

  3. Wow, I think that might have been the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen on Abby’s face!

  4. Did she work out? Her arm looks more muscular than usual…

  5. She’s fit, right? Just keeping up with him, I think. Either that, or she wanted to make sure he didn’t get bored with the scary-skinny look. Yanno.

  6. “You know I could take you every day… to work, I mean… or actually, yeah, either way.” 😉

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