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  1. Get an apprentice? Acknowledge that child of his, currently living off at the far off boarding school? Stop working so much? Take Zoe with him? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Teen Sidekick. He’s just not ready for that level of responsibility.

  3. @ alurker: Or the rumors having a teenage sidekick generates.

  4. It’s bad enough trying to fall asleep with someone snoring in the same room. Now imagine having super hearing. It’s amazing that Mark can sleep at all.

  5. Don’t they have those nose clip thingies that prevent snoring? (Other noises can be avoided by diet…heeheehee)

    If the teenager is under 18, definitely. If they’re old enough to go into the military without their parents’ consent is another thing. (Being a Wold Newton Universe fan, while Dick Grayson was indeed adopted by Bruce Wayne, he was rarely himself Robin, and even then only on occasions where he wouldn’t be in danger. The rest of the time, Robin was the other secret identity of Al Pratt, the original Atom, who Bruce hired by paying for his college tuition and other costs. )

  6. Poor editing on my part: the above is my theory of the Wold Newton Universe versions of Batman, Robin and the Golden Age Atom (based on a real person whose “work name” actually was The Atom…google Joseph Greenstein, the Mighty Atom).

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