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  1. Well SHE didn’t have plans… who wants to bet that Mark did?

  2. Abby needs to be careful about raising her public profile too much. If she were to run for a political office, that would be extremely bad for Mark keeping his secret. Then again, Paul manages with his high-publicity profile, but he at least wears a mask as Darkblade.

  3. Well Paul can hire body doubles.

  4. Paul is not so irresponsible as to hire body doubles who don’t share his invulnerability.

  5. What do you mean? Mark wears glasses. Crusader doesn’t wear glasses.

  6. Cleva: Paul is not invulnerable; he’s the “Batman” of the LNC universe, remember? You’re thinking of Mark, their “Superman.”

    Personally, I think Abby should be worried about being called on for every little thing, by people who should know she has a life outside of politics. Maybe they do, which is scary.

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