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  1. “Say Paul, didn’t you invent some paper that blocks Mark’s magnetic resonance vision? Is there any way I can get some maternity clothes lined with that?”

  2. Heh. Well played my friend, well played.

  3. Mark can probably see through his own eyelids. That would be handy if he ever needs to pretend to be asleep or knocked out but wants to see what’s going on.

  4. Paul: he probably could, but given the “awakening of X-ray vision” scene from “Man of Steel,” he may have conditioned himself not to. Then again, his eyelids are invulnerable, so…?

  5. That looks like it woke her up.

  6. Mark, her hand will not stop you.

    Having a raging, screeching terror of a wife? If that don’t stop you nothing will.

  7. I wonder if Abby has to use lead to surprise Mark?

  8. Evil Brain: if Abby learned anything from Marks mother, then yes.

  9. Her hand wouldn’t stop you but her wrath will

  10. You gotta give him that one, Abby.

  11. Evil Brain: lead is poisonous. I can never touch my mini-statuette of Power Girl because it’s made of the stuff. Just as well; after the handling her costume wouldn’t be opalescent any more…;)

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