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  1. I thought the skylight was mandatory in *any* superhero pad.

  2. Skylights are only required for Villain Plotting Chambers or areas containing groups of Evil Minions.
    For hero pads, a balcony is mandatory; skylight is like leather bucket seats.

  3. Personally ive always been fond of the trap door accessible piranha tank though my decorating sense goes in the other direction XD

  4. I understand your dilemma, Jasae. As a supervillain on a budget, it’s often hard to afford to both build the deathtrap and give it the appropriate Feng shui.

  5. That’s why I usually go Mediterranean for my Shark filled Death tank

  6. For me, I find that when living in an apartment, building a static teleporter panel under the trapdoor that leads to my pirana tank in a downtown werehouse is more space economical.

  7. easy storm drain access is a decent alternative to a balcony acess esp if you have all the storm tunnels mapped out

    in spite of what they say in the comics cartoon and movies the TMNT live in the storm drains not the sewers

  8. Do they sell those domestic teleporter panels at Home Hardware or Lowe’s?

  9. Menard’s

  10. I’ll admit the storm drains are far more sensible than the sewers. It is very, very hard to sneak up on anyone when you reek of excrement. The essence, the purpose, the modus operandi of being a ninja includes being sneaky/stealthy/unnoticed until it is too late.

    So, an excellent example of why one should NOT be a sewer ninja lies here, in the pages of Girl Genius:


  11. Is it sad that I know exactly what scene Ladyofthemasque is referring to, without having to hit the link?

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