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  1. “Traffic crisis on infi…” –Ah, frak it.

  2. So, even in a parallel universe, traffic in LA is the same.

  3. K.Alan, stop giving ideas to the “House of Ideas”!

  4. @alurker:
    …but in HER universe, there’s no “Los Angeles”, only “Los Alamos”…
    …which explains all of the Supers in her world.

  5. Good one, DMC_Run.

  6. I suppose alt-doctor did not end up with the nose simply to make it easier to identify her as female….

  7. Um, Charlie Spencer: “What If?” “Exiles?” “Squadron Supreme (the Gruenwald version, not the one that I lost interest in when Power Princess decided to have a wardrobe)?” The “House of Ideas” doesn’t need my help bastar…borrowing ideas from DC. DMC-Run: “Los Alamos” in ladyDoc’s reality might not be the one we normally think of. What if the Texans there had defended themselves at TWO similarly-named missions against the Mexican Army?– I know, but I loves me my alternate realities…

    Just out of interest, has Mr. Zahler ever thought of an LNC motion comic?

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