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  1. Okay. Been lurking here for a while, but I will say this…this..this comic today is priceless to me. ?

  2. … I have been that drunk..

  3. …. I have been drunker … not that I remember much from it, but still. 🙂

  4. Yay!! Hugs… 😀

  5. …Oh, and the room spinning. …I think that was the worst thing I experienced about a can of Four Loko (and I only had the one, just out of curiosity). …And it didn’t taste like ambrosia, for starters, but whatever, it was malt liquor.

  6. Ah, the spinning room. There are many ways to experience the feeling in the last panel. Being drunk is perhaps one of the most pleasant ones. No alcohol here, but cut yourself good while cooking just once, and it can happen.

  7. Room spinning, really? I’ve only been drunk once (and I was REALLY drunk – 21st birthday and my friends bought all the drinks) and the room didn’t spin. Though my sense of balance did go out the fourth story window. I’d always assumed the room spinning was just hyperbole. The drink does do many things though . . . loss of balance, makes grilled cheese taste awesome, causes super concern for random bar goers I accidentally trip, removes any inhibition against cuddling with friends of the same gender . . . yeah. . . heckuva drink.

  8. Room. Spins. Suck. Been there, done that. Love this issue, it’s just…, perfect.

  9. Awwww.

  10. Okay. If this sticks, I will be really happy for them, and relieved that the thing I disliked the most about this comic is over, but I cannot let myself get my hopes up just yet.

  11. As long as you can lie on the floor without holding on to something, you´re not drunk.

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