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  1. Um, is it possible this one and the last one have been switched?

  2. Yea, I think this one belongs BEFORE the last one.

  3. *Checks the numbering at the top of the strip*

    Yup, looks like it.

  4. Bah, can’t he just fly to Hawaii and have it postmarked there?

  5. jmucchiello: That beats my suggestion of a Form 4868.

  6. I get #814 both last Friday and today.

  7. Charlie, you may need to hit “reload” on your browser to make it appear right.

  8. Doing it for me too. And I hit reload about 10 times. No change.

  9. They aren’t mixed up, he’s clearly flying upstairs from the couch in the previous strip, and she’s going up the stairs from the couch in this one.

  10. At least the fire alarm is functioning; has anyone else had those ones whose batteries start to run down and the damn things start to chirp–constantly??

  11. K.alan: Yes, those are SO annoying.

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