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  1. Hormones.

  2. I thought Doc couldn’t ready Abby’s mind for some reason.

    Ah well.

  3. I’m pretty sure no actual telepathy was required to read Abby’s mind on the results of that sentence.

  4. @Larqua:
    Different Doctor.
    I don’t believe that the female incarnation has ever said that she was unable to read Abby’s mind.

  5. If the mind block was some kind of protection so she remembers and can travel back in time to safe her husband it is possible it is gone and both doctors can read her mind now.
    Or it is a mistake. 😛

  6. Or you don’t actually need mind-reading powers to read Abby’s mind at the moment…

  7. Considering that this Doc Karma is a woman, she’d know how a woman’s mind works- ergo- can read Abby’s mind. She can read Mark’s mind as well, considering that men aren’t usually as complicated as women are.

  8. At least fathers ain’t that different on her matriarchal Earth…

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