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  1. Pffft, could hav even hopped over to Alaska or Hawaii to be on the safe side

  2. Yeah, someone called that on the previous page, but give him a break, he’s tired XD

  3. jmucchiello, you called it. This beats filing an extension, as I had suggested. The greatest heros are not necessarily the ones with the most powers, but the ones who use their powers creatively and intelligently. Mark certainly does that. I love the awkwardness in that last panel!

  4. At least it’s DONE-unless, of course, there’s another audit…;)-

  5. Sign on the postal box in the last one says something about a “special pickup” for that date,
    so I think he’ll be ok:)

  6. Not a very good plan when you’re a super trying to conceal a secret identity considering it produces the anomaly of the tax returns being postmarked from a location outside the region it should be postmarked in by a wide margin and beyond the ability of a non-super to pull off.

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