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  1. Ohh the advantages of spotting infestations.

  2. Lordy lord do i envy x-ray vision ^^;

  3. That would be so handy when apartment hunting!!

  4. He fights giant dinosaurs and killer robots but a few bugs are going to put him off?
    I choose to believe this was simply the topper to a longer list of “nope”.

  5. By the way, excellent use of shading to sell the “suddenly wary” shift in panel 2 🙂

  6. @SilentSooYun They were talking about cockroaches, and not in a house, but in an apartment building, and they’re in all the walls. Which means you’ll never get rid of them, because they can always come from the wall of another apartment. I don’t know about you, but I prefer not having roach feces in my cupboards and clothes drawers.

  7. That sounds like one heck of a challenge, tho’. Ya really gotta admire the exterminators who can actually take care of roach infestations. 😀

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