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  1. Heh, poor Mark. Hopefully he got that free for being an awesome superhero out and about in his costume…

  2. what’s the label on the bag say?

  3. DeColuvj, it says “Ghirardelli.”
    And yeah, they make some tasty, tasty chocolate.

  4. This does seem like a clever solution, but it doesn’t actually work, does it?

    Sure, he dropped it in the box before midnight. But it won’t be collected until the next day. It’s no different from having dropped it in a box in New York at 3AM. Either way, it will be picked up in the morning (or, depending on the box, afternoon). And thus it will be postmarked the 16th.

    Oh well. Chalk this one up to Rule of Funny, I guess.

  5. There was a sign on the mailbox for a special 12:00 pickup in the last page.

  6. Not to worry: Paul can just put the sundae in the freezer and they can have it later. Either that, or we’re going to find out if Darkblade is lactose-intolerant or not.

  7. Oh, is that what the sign said? Too small to read on my screen. Thanks. That helps. 🙂

  8. Re my Dec. 17 remark: yes, I meant “Mark,” not “Paul.” I was …distracted that day.

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