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  1. I’m confused…
    Was it “We don’t want to know” or “I don’t want Mark to be first to know” the baby’s gender?

    (It’s a girl!)

  2. It’s twins!

  3. Unlikely, Doc Karma only sensed one additional life before (check 05/30/2014).

  4. I remember an old Simpsons episode with Homer seeing the sonagram of Maggie and going: “It’s a boy! And WHAT a boy!” only to be informed that he was looking at the umbilical cord. I’m sure this will be nothing like that…;)

  5. I remember that Simpsons episode that was Maggie’s birth. Too bad Homer’s not her dad.

  6. Congratulations! It’s a squid!

    (Gah, suspense is killing me. Seriously, this is just the most tense cliffhanger you can possibly create that doesn’t involve someone potentially dying.)

  7. .Evil Brain: whatwhatWHAT???

  8. A Friend of mine’s wife went in for her first ultrasound. They didn’t tell my friend that they were scanning from two angles so when 2 heads popped up on the screen his jaw dropped. He felt much better when they focused and the head images merged together.

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