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  1. Yes, Mark. Fear it. It’s an entire cellar filled with alcoholic goodness.

  2. Just got caught up on L&C. Continuing to love it!

  3. That’s right! There’s aaall those bottles of Ambrosia in the background….

  4. And yet, it won’t be enough.

  5. So much for Abby having had enough for the both of them 🙂

  6. Remember the part where PsiClone lamented being unable to get drunk because of the powers of Mark?
    So yeah, so many bottles of booze, and nothing he can really do with them.

  7. Actually it might Higgs. [Love that name BTW. A reference to Ensign Higgs in Girl Genius?] Remember back in the first Christmas story when Amazonia gave him a bottle as a present? she said that after a few glasses he gets “a little frisky.” This stuff might not be like Earth alcohol and actually effect him.

  8. It could affect him, yes. (Heh.)

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