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  1. Is it just me, or does she look almost worried in panel 4?

  2. Does the blue speech bubble mean something or is it just because of the white background? Either way, they both look concerned.

  3. Did Paul’s Dad just first with Zoe, or is he being really condescending?

  4. I take it Haydon meant “flirt,” and that was my first thought too. Lacroix Sr. might be taking the sneaky route in checking out (the suitability of) his prospective daughter-in-law.

    I take it there won’t be a scene where Paul’s dad invites him to move out of the “ranch house” and back into the REAL mansion. ‘Cause I know MY head’d explode.

  5. Figuring out exactly what that remark means would likely take an entire day on a Cray mainframe. Remember, he’s not just Paul’s dad, he’s also his predecessor in that line of heroes… cue the wrapped enigma remark!

  6. @Rick: Pretty sure his dad wasn’t a previous Nightblade, but hired the monks to kidnap him and teach him humility.

  7. This might be a minor thing to address, but I am SOOOOOOOO impressed that Thom used different shades of brown for Paul, Mr. LaCroix and Imani. Been reading comics since I was in the single digits and it’s good that someone has shown the fact that not everyone of African descent has the same complexion.

    Gold star for you, Mr. Zahler. I was already a fan, but this made it that much better.

  8. Interesting how the monks could be hired; are they bad vintners, or the greatest gift to soup kitchens in history?

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