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  1. WAAAAAH, ran out of archive! Now I have to wait like the rest of the universe.


  2. Is this the first time we’ve heard of Quincy? I’m old, and I’m losing my …, my …; ya know, that think with old thoughts and experiences; it’s right on the tip of my …, my …

    What were we talking about?

  3. Quincy is first mentioned in issue #2 of the original series, way back here:
    He appears later that issue at the Christmas party, a family reunion in #4, and is Mark’s best man at the wedding, among other appearances.

  4. WTFZ …Oh man, I FINALLY just got the call letters for the t.v. station. WTF-Z. XD

    …This is what I get for going through the archives on a slow weekend. *le sigh* Well, at least I get to catch the little in-jokes!

  5. Actually, it’s not, though I’m glad you found some extra funny. TFZ is (or is it are) actually just my initials.

  6. Live camera shots in view of their apartment’s balcony is a NO GO, I suppose. Keep on looking!

  7. “Meeem – reeeee…all alooone in the mooooon – liiiiiiight…” (Heh. Now, if I could just remember what Alzheimer’s — wait, what are you people doing here? Huh, this is a nice place. They even left my clothes and a bunch of my mail in here.)

  8. (Sorry! Darn it, I thought I had the “em” tags written right. …This is how I learn to proofread my code.)

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