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  1. And after all those years of dodging incendiary devices and shockwave blasters…the Nightblade is stunned by a social bomb.

  2. Lady, I wish I could like that comment. ^_^

  3. Ah. He’s impressed by her sexy portfolio and large dividends.

  4. Just keepeing a-breast of the situation.

  5. @SilentSooYun, not to mention her huge tracts of land.

  6. This is going WAY too well. I suspect Paul and his faithful British companion may have reason to still worry. LaCroix Sr.’s immediate friendliness/flirting (in front of his wife! –Second wife, yes, but still) with our Zoe may be his way of checking on THEM (Paul and Mrs. O’Lonergan, you pervs!)

    “Someday son all this will be yours.” “What, the curtains?” (Paul (above) didn’t leave much room for negotiation in his Monty Python reference)

  7. Thank you, Saeko

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