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  1. What are the rules of inviting ex’s at your wedding?

  2. I learnt two new words today.

    Not only is this comic awesome, it’s educational too! 😀

  3. @Silver C. I’m not sure. I know of one woman who invited several ex boyfriends to her wedding, husband appeared ok with it. I know I didn’t invite any of my ex’s to mine.

  4. So, there’s no simple rule, “Don’t invite your exes to the wedding?” …This is educational.

  5. I had 4 exes at my wedding. My wife loved that they were still important to me.

  6. My wife had a number of Ex’s at our wedding. One of them was her man of honor.

  7. Just wondering if all those exes lived in Texas?

  8. No, there’s no simple rule. It depends on how friendly the breakups were, among other things. My wife and I both get along great with my ex-wife — she had us over on New Year’s Eve, in fact.

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