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  1. I really like Paul’s expression in the second panel. He may be the mighty Darkblade, one of the world’s major superheros and the greatest deductive mind of this generation. But he is still his father’s son, looking for his Dad’s approval, and perhaps even a bit awed by him. (And that’s exactly the kind of person I would want to have being a superhero.)

  2. There’s a reason Paul dated the airheaded: who else would swallow the excuses he makes in order to slip away for a spot of crimefighting? (Starting to like LaCroix the elder; I wonder what would happen if he and his wife “teamed up” with the parents of the rest of our cast? –Yes, I am a bad, bad man)

    If there comes a time when he wants to slip away for his bachelor party, however, his current girl WILL be more of a challenge…(unless Leandians never came up with “Look over THERE!”–DASH!!)

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