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  1. Well, SOMONE has to bring up the “worst-case scenarios.” Or mind her own damn business.

  2. “SOMEONE”. –Honestly, I’m actually a very good typist…

  3. The dad has superpowers, worst case scenario is developing powers in the womb. Kicking would be murder. Does Mark has heat vision? I imagine terrible morning sickness if baby develops flight in the womb.

    Happy Holidays.

  4. Yeah, I’m about ready for this to get back to being a superhero-romance comic…

  5. Oh my gosh, you’re not gonna believe this, but that lady’s experience sounds alot like my mom’s! Admittedly, my mom’s second C-section wasn’t until her fourth (my second little sister). But I put her through more than a day of labor and her first C-section, and my little brother (who was third in line!) had his cord wrapped around his neck AND tied in a knot! (He’s a healthy bugger though; 16 years old now and taller than everyone but our dad).

  6. Nope, this comic is bigger than that – it’s a slice of life comic. Boy met girl. They got married. They’re having a kid. Romance was a part of that. And given the characters, it will continue to be.
    But it’s life, and life isn’t all romance and champagne…

  7. She will be lucky if there’s only one of those…

  8. I’m pretty sure the “baby might have superpowers” thing was brought up at the first visit with the doctor and he did something magical to either prevent that from happening in the womb or to protect Abby’s body against superpowers.

    Also, I get that Abby’s finding this kind of stuff less-than-helpful but I understand the impulse. It is messy and hard but it is also awesome and when you see someone headed into it for the first time, you want to share how awesome it is. But you don’t want to sugarcoat it either. Listen to what she says Abby – she had three, meaning she went back for more. She really is tell you how awesome it is.

  9. As for Abby surviving a super-powered embryo/fetus: perhaps the Doctors Karma have given her “passive superpowers” designed specifically to help her survive gestation/nursing/the terrible twos…

  10. Mark already brought that up. The doctors did a power dampening thing on the fetus to prevent any access to superpowers it may have until the child is an appropriate age.

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