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  1. No, no, a hug’s TOTALLY required here. It’s what MANLY men do.

  2. A hug is required, but they must first clasp their right hands then hold their right hands in between their chests and they must clap the other person on the back with their left hands at least twice, possibly thrice. So say the rules of manly men.

  3. Aw, hell. Wait ’til the grandbabies start coming…(yes, that is a hint, Mr. Zahler ;)- )

  4. …’cause we want to see the next LNC series in 2015. Don’t keep us waiting, Mr. Zahler. You wouldn’t like us when we’re waiting.

  5. Bart’s down with it. Yea, verily thus do manly men “hug”. (Ahem.)

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