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  1. Awwwwww… C’mon Abby don’t be like that… Zoe is a good person and you bonded over ambrosia… That makes you BFFs.

  2. Oh that demon rum! 😉

    But would we readers want a wedding scene in ‘Love and Capes’ without Zoe? I think not 🙂

  3. I think their drunken bonding was a good thing to happen between both of them. :3 Gives you an insight about Zoe that I’d never otherwise see, considering I *disliked* her a lot. I’d like to see at least Abby and her getting along (not necessarily BFF’s)

  4. Somehow “BFF” has a wonderfully high-schoolish, air-kissy, Hollywoodish superficiality to it. I mean, I think that’s an inspired and comedic idea. (…Hopefully that comes as a compliment.)

  5. I am just waiting to see what Zoe wears, since she almost certainly can’t show up as Amazonia. We have yet to see her even consider a secret identity.

  6. I think when your fiance’s Ex is giving you a wedding gift more expensive than most cars, an invitation is kind of unavoidable.

  7. Is that the ‘vomit face’?

  8. “Never drink that much again…” Famous last words.

  9. Just wait till you have kids…

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