If you’re read the last couple of strips, this installment may seem abrupt. It is, and here’s why: With all my travels and rushing to get new strips up, I uploaded files from issue #12 of the printed Love and Capes issues. The problem is that I should have uploaded files from issue #11.

So, the wedding storyline will return at the end of the year. Right now, read about the Quest for the Dress.

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  1. Poor Abby. She bought into that ‘perfect day’ tripe the wedding industry pushes on little girls from Day One.

  2. Oh lord… Abby… You are dating a superhero… You need a little genre awareness… You *never* feed the universe a line like, “Sometimes I hate being a girl.” That is like saying, “At least things can’t get any worse!” or “What could possibly go wrong?”

  3. Of course, she said “How bad could it be?” going into the comic book convention, and came out with The Crusader on Ice, so maybe she is the inverse of most characters.

  4. I dunno, in general while Love & Capes is certainly a superhero serial, the major focus is always the Love part of that title, and the universe tends more to play by those rules, just with some superhero tropes thrown in. Also Mark totally considers her finding of The Crusader on Ice was terrible and they did see that morbidly obese cosplayer who probably dresses as Sailor Moon at anime conventions.

  5. Am I the only one who noticed the shoutout to the old ‘Tennessee Tuxedo’ cartoon?! Man, now I feel old(er).

  6. I didn’t notice it till you pointed it out, but I also remember Tenesse Tuxedo. Don Adams, from “Get Smart” did the voice.

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