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  1. First. Color me surprised.

    Sorry for still being a bother with the order of things, Thom, but right now we have:


  2. Abby also wants to adopt??? ;)-

    This morning I had an idea for a scene I wanted to share with the rest of you, just for the heck of it:

    (Crusader arrives to see Major Might handing a curly-haired and very Scottish supervillain to the police)

    SUPERVILLAIN: Ye’ll pay forrr this, ye big blue tuna!
    (sees the Crusader)
    And ye’rrrrre on me list too, ye big rrrrred snapperrrrr!

    (The police cart the SV away. Crusader turns to the Major.)

    CRUSADER: Who the heck was that?!!?

    MIGHT: Oh, that’s Doctor Moffata, my arch-enemy. Don’t mind him, he’s just got this weird thing about fish…

    (Doctor Who fans, like love, always manage to find a way…;D )

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