Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
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Happy Valentine’s Day

A couple years ago, I partnered with the awesome JustJenn Recipes to put together an homage to those classic Hostess ads as an exclusive print for San Diego Comic-Con. I did the story, and Jenn created the recipe, which I can attest is absolutely delicious.

This is the only story ever to take place after the birth of Mark and Abby’s son. And it’s the only story ever to break from the eight-panel format that Love and Capes made its own. If you’d like this as a print, let me know. I’ve still got a few available.

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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. COOKIE!!!! Yum-yum.

  2. Thom, you captured the classic style perfectly, right down to the overblown adjectives. ‘Sinister Somnabulant’ had me reaching for a fruit pie.

  3. Hey, Amazonia has her crown back! It’s almost as if JustJenn ads take place outside the normal continuity.

  4. Beautiful homage to cap a wonderful series!

    Also, whatever happened with the Love & Capes omnibus collection that was announced a while back? Was that cancelled or just delayed?

  5. I always loved those Hostess adds.

  6. So, the shop didn’t get renamed “Art, Books & Coffy”
    A shame, but oh well.

  7. How can I get a copy of this? It’s great!

  8. What? We have to bake them OURSELVES?!!?

  9. You can email me at thom (at) loveandcapes.com. They’re $25.00 plus shipping, and I can have it out pretty quickly.

  10. Wait, what happens next? Aren’t there stories about what happens after his birth??

  11. @LadyoftheMasque, afraid not. In the notes for the previous comic, Thom said this is all he’s done. He said there may be more in the future, since he has a lot of vague ideas, but he wants to make sure he preserves the quality, rather than just continuing for the sake of continuing.

  12. Okay, Thom, so how much for the entire set? ‘Cause I wanna have physical copies. (Shipping is to an address in the USA). All of ’em, preferrably in the fewest number of volumes? (Is that what the omnibus means?)

  13. Blob & @LadyoftheMasque: Perhaps the brilliant and not-to-be-put-upon Mr. Zahler could run a series of “Tales of the LNC Universe” focusing on the romantic and professional travails of the other supertypes we’ve met in the series (did Mermantis EVER make an appearance?!!?), written and drawn by guest artists?

  14. Hahah, I read this post and upon realising I had all the ingredients in the kitchen, immediately made a batch. They’re baking as I type. Thanks, Tom, I just “wasted” 30 minutes baking cookies when I should have been working.

    Mmmmm, cookies.

  15. @saindonienneMC, well, don’t keep us in suspense! How were they???

  16. Blob: she may still be vibrating too hard to type (or stop from slipping into the Earth-2 dimension)…

  17. Just right click the page and Save the image to your computer. It’s how I got the recipe.

  18. Okay, so we never actually saw Evil Brain, so much for my foreshadowing sense LoL. Also very glad the Kurama trope didn’t happen *back when Windstar died they listed off a number of ways to come back, but missed one…one that had a lingering concern when the pregnancy arc started* : for those that don’t know the Kurama trope refers to a character that when killed possessed the fetus of a pregnant woman. He had his memories of his past life, but was also influenced by his new life…similar tropes will have a character remember later in life who they were in a past life *usually via some trigger* and end up with some internal conflict on who they really are. (this trope happens more with villains though, as it is kind of a messed up way to come back to life).

  19. Oh my god what a great story! I stumbled upon this almost a week ago and have been reading it non-stop since. I’m so sad there won’t be more! Great job, I loved it and had a great week avoiding work while I read through it! Shout out to Grrl Power for leading me to it through its list of good comics. Thank you so much! Bye!

  20. Once I realized this took place after the baby was born, I assumed that Amazonia had been reinstated, since Queen Oriana said she would work things out with the Council. Congratulations, Zoe!

  21. 2 months with no news, and no update.
    loosing all hope of ever seeing the rest of the story
    She’s dead Jim
    calling it
    February 14th 12:00am
    notify the next of kin.

  22. @Kuraimizu
    Oh well, I was looking forward to the Annotated addition of this comic. Well may this great work Rest in Peace.

  23. I’m still working on it. It’s just taking longer than I expected.

  24. @Thom
    Cool Glad to hear it.

  25. Hey, Thom. Just wondering how things are progressing.

  26. Have you been following the REAL Superman and Lois Lane in the DC Rebirth books? Anything worth parodying/pastiching for an LNC Special at least?

  27. Wait, if it’s after the birth of James Spencer, shouldn’t Amazonia not be wearing her tiara? Or did she decide to keep it as part of the costume after all? I can believe that they might not have changed the name of the shop yet, but Amazonia made that decision before James was born. NITPICKING!

  28. I have just re-read Love And Capes (for like the sixth time) I so look forward to any new content that continues the story. I would love to see a new mini series with the characters. especially how Mark and Abby adjust to life as new parents. I really hope we get to see that soon.

  29. Wow, it’s weird to look at a “new” Love & Capes comic more than an year later. Short but nice whiff of nostalgia.

  30. Thom? You there? Annotations?

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