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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. OMG What a line today. I think Caitlyn would disagree that a woman trapped in a man’s body isn’t marketable….

  2. I like how he doesn’t tell her what to do but how to figure out what to do.

  3. You should talk to Caitlin Jenner or Chad Bono. Maybe fellow superhero, SheZow.

  4. Marketable? Yes.

    A good idea to let the general public know about it? Definitely not.

  5. Just reached the point of not getting forwarded to the next picture after a week of an archive crawl… Looked at the date: NOOOOO ! I’ll have to WAIT for my next fix ?!
    And as someone who’s as addicted to coffee as Abby I can really feel her pain and joy there too. 😉

    GREAT comic Mister T.Z. ! I love the REconstruction vibe of all those great superhero cliches!
    (Actually stumbled upon it via TV-Tropes ????)

    Side note: on the behalf of marketable gender-issues: I am ftm myself and while I freely admit it, seeing it shouldn’t be a big deal… most self outings just seem to make the deal bigger. (Ohh the irony… !)
    I appreciate people talking about tolerance in the media but most of those “celebs” don’t necessarily help the tolerance mind you.

    Always love lighthearted jokes in a mindswitch superhero story though 😉

    And keeping a secret identity can really suck sometimes, hehehe 😉 (See what I did there? Just joking though …)

    Err yes, that’s about enough chitchat on your blog Mr. T.Z.
    Again: Your comic is great !
    I’m even considering to buy the PAPER version here… do you ship to Europe, too?

  6. *Sorry there shouldn’t be question marks behind the word TV-tropes, I wanted to say that I DID find this site because it was mentioned there…
    I guess typos is what I get for typing a wall of text on my smartphone.

  7. Specialty book seller for superheroes? I’m reaching.

  8. I’m surprised Abby’s not an honorary member of the LL already (if she is, it’s because I haven’t been able to find back issues or follow the earlier stuff…I’m only human!! –Well, for all intents and purposes)

  9. Gotta agree with Abby. That sort of thing’s pretty old hat by now.

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