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  1. World’s. Greatest. Detective. Y’all…

  2. So will there be a new Darkblade sooner than he originally planned? Or is this the end of their relationship?

  3. I’m hoping the latter blob

  4. Who wouldn’t want a partner like that? Whom you don’t have to tell stuff like this, because they already know?

  5. Who wouldn’t want a partner like that? Who always knows what you’re thinking before you think it and who you can’t keep a secret from no matter it’s Christmas or his birthday is coming up?

  6. Perhaps he is wrong. She knows him well enough to deceive him. Any takers on the theory? Probably not.

  7. Ok, Paul, now you’re just showing off.

  8. All hail the queen. Long live the queen. Prince Paul has a nice ring to it.

  9. I love the way Paul is written. I’m totally buying the “World’s Greatest Detective” bit.

    It’s easy to just have people say “Wow, that guy is a genius.” But it’s better to show than tell, and Paul shows that he’s smart. (Or just shows off, sometimes… 🙂

  10. @Tobias, it’s the thought that counts for presents, not necessarily what you get them or even the surprise part. And a good partnership – IMHO – doesn’t have/need secrets.

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